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Micro-Donations for Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums via Web Monetization and the Omeka S Platform β€” Grant Report #1


Some screenshots of our working Web Monetization module.




Project Update

We have been working on a module for Omeka S, which is a very widely used content management system for cultural heritage institutions. We have released the initial version of the module, available on GitHub and on the Omeka S module repository. If you use Omeka, we encourage you to try it out on your own site.

Progress on objectives

We listed four key deliverables in our proposal. Here is our progress on each.

(1) "We will create an open-source module for the Omeka S platform. This module will use the Web Monetization Standard and the Interledger Protocol to accept micro-donations from users who have web monetization enabled."

This deliverable is complete. The Omeka S module has been publicly released and is feature complete.

(2) "We will integrate the web monetization module into the Omeka S themes that we support."

We accomplished this at the same time. The most commonly used Omeka S themes should work with the Web Monetization module out of the box. There are a couple of ways to include a web monetization notice on the page: either as a block in a specific location on a page, or as a banner on all pages. Users can also customize the themes directly.

(3) We will produce documentation about both how to use the module and to integrate it into custom themes.

The [GitHub repository](( contains detailed documentation, which is also available at the Omeka S module repository.

(4) We will implement web monetization on selected RRCHNM websites that either use Omeka S or are our most trafficked sites.

This deliverable is incomplete, but is under way. We have developed a banner which we will deploy on non-Omeka S sites, and have tested our module on our own sites. We will be ready to do this, but need to secure university permission to accept donations via Interledger.

Key activities

Our key activities have been developing the module and integrating it with the themes, as described above. We have also compiled a list of sites (we run many, many websites) and prioritized the ones we will enable Web Monetization on based on traffic. And we started preparing the code to do so on those sites.

Communications and marketing

We announced the release of the module on our website, and will begin publicizing it on social media. This will take some explanation to our community, and the right time for that will be after we have rolled out web monetization on our own sites.

What’s next?

What's next is rolling out web monetization to our own sites.

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Chris Lawrence

Love this work and thinking, excited to see where this will go!