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Art of Influence β€” Grant Report #1

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Project Update

The Black Artist Collective has engaged a team from Bishop Gallery in Brooklyn to curate an exhibition of black artists who focus on activism as a core theme to their work. Additionally, we have started to build artist studios, housing work that is not a part of the exhibition as well as video content to further engage website visitors.

Progress on objectives

Test the viability of micropayments to support Black artists and
curators - we have signed up for Uphold and Coil and have started onboarding our curators and artists to create digital wallets. In the meantime, our web developer has been working to ensure the pointers are properly embedded into the backend of our site so we are able to track the micropayments as users spend time on our platform.

  • Increase interest in and support for Black artists - we are utilizing our social media to build a larger audience who will later engage with content on our site. Additionally, we are introducing potential users to the brand with presence at in-person events. We are capturing their contact information while on the ground.
  • Communicate the importance of Black arts legacies - this is in progress. As the site is being developed, we are using social media to educate our audience on black artists and their work.
  • Provide intimate, inviting and educational art experiences for our viewers - this is in progress. We are working with the curatorial team and videographers to creating this content for the platform now.
  • Empower young people to play a role in supporting living artists through web monetized micropayments - we are in the planning stage here. We are working with a public relations team to start to build brand awareness

Key activities

Communications and marketing

Currently we have hosted two in person events with artists that will be featured on the site. We have used these events to gather attendee email addresses so we can send them information via newsletter about the project as well as upcoming events. We have also used these events to push people to our social media channels as well as our website.

What’s next?

We will be working with our curators and web developers to gather and publish to the site the work from the two remaining artists in the program while also pushing the first artist exhibit to go live.

What community support would benefit your project?

We would benefit from a better understanding about how to grow our social media following. Web monetization is a new concept and our strategy is to use social media to engage followers to subscribe and utilize the platform.

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