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Discussion on: How can we best market Coil to our distracted, busy, creative community?

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Mark Boas

For the Hyperaudio for Conference project I've thought about this quite a lot, it's definitely a challenge! I like your grid Nic! Similarly I think our approach will be to both inspire and incentivise.

We are planning on investing some time on content that will explain the benefits of signing up for Coil/wallet/download the extension and explaining in a straightforward (and fun?) way how to do this.

We have a number of different types of users that will benefit from web monetization – conference organisers, speakers, people who remix and people who share conference content can all receive a share of WM funds.

The conference organiser can also decide to make certain content viewable only to people with Coil membership. The benefit to them is that content is more likely to be remixed and shared, which can raise awareness / visibility for their conference as a whole.

On the creator side ...

I wonder if people's curiosity could also be tapped with some careful messaging. In our case, if people were registered with our platform but not set up with Coil, we could remind them that with a payment pointer, they could have been compensated.

Totally not thought through and quite possibly not feasible, but maybe we could keep track of what they would have earned and even put those earnings aside until they add a payment pointer to their account.

Last thought on this – as it's relatively easy to insert a payment pointer into most systems, maybe we can encourage "good causes" to publish their payment pointers, so that people can select from a list. This doesn't necessarily solve the issue of creating more consumers, but could raise general awareness.

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Jemima Gibbons Author

Thanks for taking the time to comment Mark. I agree awareness raising is the key!