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Discussion on: Announcing a tipping experiment at the Mozilla Festival

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Mark Boas

Love this idea! It ties in nicely with discussions we're having with the MozFest team about making Hyperaudio for Conferences available to facilitators so they can transcribe, translate and repurpose their conference sessions to maximise accessibility and reach.

We're baking Web Monetization right into our platform which means facilitators can associate their payment pointers with any session videos they host on our platform, and be compensated proportionally.

Repurposing comes in a number of forms – we have a web monetised Wordpress plugin and JavaScript library so that facilitators can take the output of their session and host where they choose, complete with Interactive Transcript / Captions ... and all compatible with YouTube hosted content or – through our collaboration with other GFTW grantees – independently and for free.

Rather uniquely we also provide a video remixer and compensate facilitators when any part of their content is viewed in a remix (subject to the Creative Commons license chosen).

Giving all MozFest attendees a Coil account + funds means making content more accessible is instantly more appealing!