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A new model for social networks — MG.Social

Traditional social media is broken.

Existing platforms have made a fortune off the back of the content and data provided by their users. Network operators have hogged the monetary rewards of their platforms while selling out their users to their true customers: Advertisers.

At MG.Social we think differently!

Project Overview

For a quick 2 minute introductory video click here.

MG.Social is a live fully functional social network that has had 150 web monetization subscribers join since launching in April of 2020.

We've integrated the Web Monetization standard into our social network to allow MG.Social to scale its operations ad-free.

By adding a payment pointer to their account, MG.Social users are able to accept micropayments when their postings are viewed by other users on the platform. We have also integrated the Xumm mobile app to allow our users to accept XRP tips on their postings.

Requiring a Web Monetization subscription (Coil) ensures that creators always get paid when their monetized content is viewed by other MG.Social users. This also deters bot and spam accounts, improving the experience for everyone.

MG.Social web interface:

Alt Text

Alt Text

What is MG.Social?

The purpose of MG.Social is to create a social networking ecosystem that is sustained using the revenue generated from the Web Monetization Standard, not from selling user data to advertisers.

Since our launch we have paid out 387.529682927 XRP ($167.41 at $.431/XRP) to our users in Web Monetization payments and creators have received 809.65985 XRP ($349.77 at $.431/XRP) in tips through the Xumm app.

Project team

Mathew Safford - Founder and CEO
Rob Soriano - Lead Developer
Diburama Creative - Marketing

What we are doing

Our original web platform was launched April 2020 and we have made a number of improvements and enhancements since we first launched.

Accomplishments for 2020
-Launched a fully functional social network that allows users to monetize their postings
-In their postings users can include text and images. They can directly upload video and audio files to postings. They also have the ability to embed video and audio content from a number of popular external sources (Cinnamon.Video, YouTube, TikTok, SoundCloud, etc.).
-Added the ability to login with your Coil account (OAuth login) and server-side monetization.
-Integrated the Xumm app for tipping on posts
-Added counters for users to track their monetization earnings and a flag to control the monetization status of a posting.

In the works for 2021:
-Mobile App for iOS and Android
-Redesigned web front-end
-Decentralization features (create posts on the XRPL)

What community support would benefit your project?

We would love to see any current web monetization (Coil) subscribers sign up for an account and begin monetizing their content on MG.Social.

For those who have a Coil account but do not yet have a paid subscription you can currently login to MG.Social with your Coil account and obtain a 5 minute preview of the site before you are logged out.

Link Round Up!

To obtain updates on the progress of MG.Social be sure to follow us on the following platforms:
Web Monetization Community
Coil Community Blog

Highlight other projects

Coil - is our provider that utilizes the Web Monetization Standard to allow content creators to get paid instantly using the interledger protocol. Coil users can obtain a payment pointer to monetize their content through Uphold.

Xumm - the Xumm app is and XRP wallet. We have integrated Xumm into the MG.Social platform to allow creators to accept XRP tips on their postings. XRP is a digital asset similar to Bitcoin that settles in 4 seconds with transaction costs of a fraction of a penny. - another great social network platform that promotes a global community of users telling stories with images. gFam also utilizes web monetization and Xumm for monetization.

Cinnamon.Video - Cinnamon.Video is a platform that allows creators to upload and monetize their videos using the Web Monetization standard.

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This is such an incredible platform and we're honestly really excited for everything that you're bringing to the web monetization space!

Thanks for the shout out, but thank you more for your amazing rate of development!