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Beyond MG.Social 2.0: Our long-term vision

Hello everyone it's MateoXRP with MG.Social. In the last MG.Social Coil blog posting we talked about a vision for MG.Social beyond or current 6 month technical roadmap:

The blog discusses having a long term goal of decentralizing the operation, governance and ownership of the MG.Social network.

Right now MG.Social is operating as a closed system, open to those with a web monetization provider (currently Coil). I've been thinking of ways to allow MG.Social users to post content and interact with the public, while maintaining the community we have fosterd.

One idea that we have is to create a separate optional portion of our site that we would call "Town Square." MG.Social users could interact with this portion of the site as much or as little as possible. The Town Square component would provide the functionality of a microblogging dapp that would allow MG.Social users to create a censorship resistant posting broadcast onto a public blockchain. It would also allow MG.Social users to interact and communicate with off-network users and content. It could be integrated into an existing system such as peepeth or we could build a new system ourselves.

Right now we are focused on getting our new mobile app and web interface out to the public. We are however extremely excited about what other technologies we can implement to improve MG.Social in the future!

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This is an absolutely incredible plan and will open up MG.Social to the 10 thousand active daily users on the Hive blockchain. There are 46 dApps on this blockchain, but as far I as I know there is nothing even remotely similar to MG.Social, except for maybe D.Buzz which is really more like Twitter to be honest.

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Mathew Safford • Edited

Thank you for pointing us to D.Buzz. I think what we could actually do is integrate a service like this (or something similar) into MG.Social as an additional optional component to allow MG.Social users to broadcast onto a public blockchain and interact with off site users. This could potentially allow us to operate as a sort of fediverse on a blockchain that anyone could join up to.

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Michael Tharrington

Hey there, just wanted to suggest that you add a few tags to your post make it easier for folks to discover. πŸ™‚

You should be able to edit your post and add tags from within the editor. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!

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Mathew Safford

Thank you! Added some tags.