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Discussion on: Effect of Monetization Visibility on User Behavior - Report #1

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Rashon Massey • Edited

I literally just DM’ed Stefan Thomas on Twitter, wondering if it was possible to put a tipping feature in our web browsers extension drop down menu and/or tip in micropayments. By allowing users to have a bit more control over how those micropayments are distributed, Coil is empowering us all with having a bit more hands on say in how we want the payments shared with the content that we’re engaging with. Like - not everything in the vending machine is the same price, and some individuals may want to pay/stream/tip more for some content over others. How can we make sure they have this option? Either way - you and I are both seeing the value through empowering users to have more control with their spending in this ecosystem, without additional, clunky add ons or signups!

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Simon Metson

I think the thing with Coil is that they need to control the size of payments for their system to work/scale. Their product would be a lot more complex if you could subscribe at different levels, or tip.

I think that means it's another product (possibly from Coil, but could also see someone like Uphold, Mozilla, XRPL... doing it) to deliver on tips and/or user controlled payment rate. The flipside of that is that it results in a more complex user experience - you could do something today that hooked into an XRP wallet, but now I need users to create that etc. What's (very) nice about Coil is that it's not really about cryptocurrency from the user POV - I pay USD & get to pay the people I read/watch/listen to - neat!

Also, maybe (maybe...) larger payments are a ~solved problem. I can send you money via PayPal, I can support you via Patreon etc. Maybe that's a different thing?