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Discussion on: Online Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Video Training Program — Grant Report #1

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Rashon Massey

YES - a LIVE SHOW, my friend! I wanted to launch the show this month, but making sure the production and episodic content are ready to go is taking a bit more time. I am also pretty much Executive Producing the live streaming content that my GftW project mentees are developing also, and instead of RUSHING...we're making sure that we are taking our time, to provide the web monetization, Coil and Cinnamon communities great, original content. It is also taking time to then create the marketing collateral to promote these shows.

You know, in my spirit, I felt like you would be a great person to interview and have as a guest on my show! We can discuss mindfulness and your specific project and trust me - We can really geek out, as I am more than familiar with the legacy of Buddhist monk Ledi and how his teaching's eventually were passed to Goenka who taught John Kabbit Zin...and we both know our buddy John came up with MBSR! I have a funny, special and direct connection to this legacy, as I am a student of the late Bill Brevoort who was a student of the Venerable Master Hsuan Hua who founded Dharma Realm University here in the States. Master Hua and Bill Brevoort (together and independently) helped both expand Chan Buddhism and Traditional Chinese Medicine throughout the USA! Bill was one of my mentors in both Traditional Chinese Medicine and teaching me how to formulate plant-based medicinal extracts!

I'll find you on Twitter, my GftW Bestie!