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Mukto Library β€” Grant Report #2

Mukto Library is an open platform for everyone who loves books. It is for readers, authors, publishers, designers, and everyone around. You can read open licensed books here for free, write notes and reviews about any book or just add books and build your own virtual library.

Mukto Library Website

Project Update

Mukto Library is a place to find books and everything around it. At the very beginning we planned to list books and write articles about different books. Later planned to include open licensed books here. From next month we will regularly add more and more books and people will be able to read here without downloading anything.

We are very happy that all of your initially planned featured has been developed and published. We will continue working on examining the reach and community around it.

What’s next?

We will try to explore new user groups. We have plans to host some offline events with other open communities and readers groups. We will learn from there activities and will invite them to join this online community.

So far we developed and published a number of features on our portal. For next one month or so we will monitor the user traffic sources and add more and more contents in the popular sections.

We have a few volunteers working here right now. But will need some funds to continue out expansion and meet the operational costs. We will be very happy if any community member of Grant for the Web wants to collaborate with us. We will also actively looking for other grants options as well.

What community support would benefit your project?

This community space is a great place to learn. Here we can read the updated form others and we love to learn from them.

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