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Mural - Web monetization and the arts action plan

Hi MozFest people! The multimedia authoring software my team and I make, Mural 2 (downloadable at supports web monetization. As part of our 'Web monetization and the arts' project, the following Mural multimedia stories are web monetized, which means they can be viewed and payment happens by the minute, and they also accept tips!

Web monetization and the arts - final report
Click here to see the Mural story
This multimedia story tells about our experiences with web monetization as well as the artwork we commissioned with leading artists.

Submerged Landscapes
Artist Melanie King lives in a part of the United Kingdom that is forecast to be underwater by 2030 as a result of rising ocean levels. She set out to take photos of the area to be flooded and then developed the photos using seawater and seaweed. She also explains how she did it. More on Melanie King's work at her website.

Thames - Stream of Consciousness
Artist Olga Suchanova is a Slovakian emerging visual artist living and working in London. She is inspired by nature, properties of matter and energy; and quantum mysticism, which are translated into the light, colour, pattern and form with the use of experimental photography, printmaking and painting. In her work, she questions concepts of space, time, illusion and reality.

Transforming Discarded Objects
Colin Frank's work questions how we can discover rich possibilities in everyday found objects and encourages people to reconsider single-use items. By repurposing discarded items they aim to problematize consumer habits and suggest alternative co-productive ways of living with the environment.

Louise O'Boyle is an artist, educator and researcher. Their arts practice focuses on the relationship between arts, health and wellbeing. Current work includes challenging attitudes towards mental ill health, the promotion of emotional wellbeing and our connections to our environment through socially engaged research and an eclectic practice of digital art, video, performance and sculpture.

Ronan Devlin is an artist & designer, who relocated to the North East UK in 2018. Working across print, screen & installation, they produce self-motivated and commissioned work about emotion, perception & technology.

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