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Nasir Khan

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Nasir Khan — ILP Summit Virtual Review

Hello, I am Nasir from Bangladesh. I am a software engineer and professional photographer based in Dhaka.
I planned to attend the ILP Summit 2022 and received scholarship. But unfortunately I could not attend the summit due to not receiving the visa on time. I applied for the visa and they took about 2 months and by this time I missed my flight. It is very unfortunate and I was very excited to participate.

I was sure that the summit will be awesome. The use of Interledger protocol is expanding slowly and in the summit I could meet a number of other people who are working in this tech and building new tools and projects around it.

Both of the summit days video are online so I could listen to the talks. I hope I will be able to join the next summit.

Currently I am building some tools to use the interledger protocol easily to the websites. I am open to collaborate with new projects. Please contact me if there is any possibilities to work together.

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Chris Lawrence

So sorry you couldn't come, but thanks for be a contributor to the community and staying engaged. How can we make it easier for you to participate?