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Nestor Campos

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Meetup in Spanish: Introducci贸n al Protocolo Interledger y WebMonetization

In order to grow the community and enhance WebMonetization and Interledger Protocol technologies, it is very important to share knowledge.
From my experience, in Latin America there are great professionals who can promote and develop with these technologies, but they still don't have the opportunity to get to know them.
For this reason, I have created and will speak in a meetup thinking about the community in Spanish this May:

If you have contacts or friends who speak Spanish and you want them to know more about WebMonetization or Interledger, share this link to be more every day:

On other occasions, the idea is to hold other events so that people who are already developing their projects with these technologies can show them (we are not competitors, we are a community).

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Briana Marbury

Thank you, Nestor!

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Nestor Campos

It is a pleasure Briana!!