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Web Monetization JS Helpers β€” Grant Report #3



Project Update

The report number #1 is here

And the report number #2 is here

We had already completed the committed libraries, but we requested a change to address the budget that we had left.
We saw that we could execute marketing campaigns without the need for more resources and also, one of the most used frameworks, JQuery, was not initially considered in the proposal, so the change was to redirect the budget that we had left to develop a library for JQuery, which was approved.
We have even created a simple example of using the methods and they work on this link, using Puma Browser

Alt Text

Alt Text

After the project, our focus will be the promotion in free and community events, as well as supporting other programmers to integrate our tools.

The new library, for Jquery, is available and documented with an example here.

Alt Text

Progress on objectives

Development: The design of the libraries proposed in the project has progressed very well, We have finished the missing libraries, in ReactJS, VueJS and Angular. In addition, we are publishing more examples of the use, so that it is more natural for users to understand what we have done. Also, the new library was created, for JQuery.

Events and marketing: We have already spent a little more resources with other organizations in Chile to help us spread our project, even in some paid communities, we sent them the link so they can start using the bookstores and the meetup event so that they can sign up. The following events from now on will be community, because we believe that the best publicity is to have quality code and easy to use and documentation for all developers.

Software and hosting: We bought a private code repository on Github for the team to work on, before releasing it freely. To save cost, we are taking advantage of the support of a Chilean company with its own public Github account, to reach more people.

The expenses incurred so far have been sent to the team. In this project, most of the fund goes to human resources participating in the different parts of the project.
In addition, we already have the commitment of the company Techgethr SpA in Chile to continue helping with equipment and resources after finishing the project in order to continue making more versions for other Javascript technologies.

We already spend 100% of the resources obtained to successfully carry out the development of the technologies committed to this project.

Key activities

Technologies development: The libraries are already ready, we want to focus on new versions for other Javascript frameworks, to be more inclusive and reach more programmers.

Communications and marketing

Alt Text

We are organizing a meetup group, in spanish here.

Generally, in Latin America the technical communities are already moving and participating actively since March, but we believe that the pandemic situation has postponed that. Anyway, we will do the meetup in 2021, but also, we are talking with communities in South America related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain (to show WebMonetization, considering the mass of people that already exist in those meetup groups).

What’s next?

With the libraries already created, our focus goes through 2 parts:

  • Promoting: Our energies, both the technical and strategic team will now be promoting the technology
  • Helping community: If there are other funded projects that require support or the use of our libraries, we will gladly help and guide, especially people who are not so technical but where we do have those capacities (we believe that the best promotion is collaboration) . You can write to if you need help or collaboration. We all move forward together.

What community support would benefit your project?

Just as we mentioned in the last report, the main objective of the project is based on technologies and events being able to participate as many people as possible, so the community can test our developments and promote the events found in the links below.

In addition, the team behind this project are people who had lost their jobs or had no opportunities due to the pandemic situation around the world, this project has helped boost their careers and we are proud of them.

Additional comments

As we already said, collaboration between all projects is essential, if we want our projects to be maintained, we must support each other and share our capabilities.
We can help each other.

Relevant links/resources (optional)

Latam Meetup Group and events
Generic JS Library created
NodeJS Library created
Angular Library created
VueJS Library created
ReactJS Library created
Jquery Library created

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erikad profile image

Congrats, Nestor! This is great work. Soon we hope to build a resources section on this site where we can highlight libraries like this.

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Nestor Campos

Thanks Erika. My idea is to continue with this development and do more with WebMonetization, I want to take advantage of all the potential and that the community can also take full advantage of it.