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Web Monetized Open Video to help filmmakers and CiviCRM at MozFest 2022

We've two Grand Experiment actions: one to support filmmakers, and one to support an open source project used by 1000s of non-profits.

  • Support filmmakers… On our PeerTube instance, using Miles DeWitt's PeerTube Web Monetization plugin there's a few really great documentaries revisting recent history and battles in open culture. Watching them pays the filmmakers directly (when you click play). If these go down well we'll keep adding more.
  • Support CiviCRM… We've collected together some in-depth video about CiviCRM, the non-profit open-source CRM used by Wikimedia, EFF, Greenpeace, Amnesty, the Royal Television Society, the New York State Senate, Humanists UK, and many more.

Support filmmakers…

Good Copy Bad Copy

Good Copy Bad Copy poster

This fantastic but little-seen documentary by Andreas Johnsen, Henrik Moltke and Ralf Christensen takes us around the world in 2007 to look at different sides of the piracy/open culture movement. We go from DJ Dangermouse in New York talking about creating the Gray Album - which can never be released but everyone's heard - thru to Brasil where a producer is remixing his Gnarls Barkley's Crazy to a Tecno Brega beat so he can sell it at huge favela parties. From Girl Talk and the Pirate Bay to the MPAA's CEO, the Nigerian film industry and Russian pirates this film really covers the breadth of the debates that shaped much of the early web worldwide and still linger today. Watch/monetize here.

The Pirate Bay: Away from Keyboard / TPB: AFK

The Pirate Bay / TPB:AFK screenshot

Simon Klose's story of the Pirate Bay as they face legal threats and global fame/infamy - was the first Creative Commons film co-funded by the BBC, as far as I know. I first met Simon at the same Mozfest London in 2011 that I met Henrik Moltke and Brett Gaylor (and opened a Github account!). Mozfest clearly has long lasting ripples so it's good that the digital edition this year might impact more than just those who can travel to London. Watch/monetize here

RIP: A Remix Mainfesto

RIP: A Remix Manifesto poster

Brett Gaylor, director of the brilliant GFTW project Discriminator and former Mozilla fellow - dives deep into remix culture. If you've seen Girl Talk awkwardly explain how he remixes music in Good Copy Bad Copy - it's quite something to see him just a year later as DJ superstar. Watch/monetize here.

NB: We're experimenting with PeerTube, and adjusting server resources in response to demand… if for some reason these films don't load or give an error, please send an email to

Support CiviCRM...

CiviCRM was co-founded in 2004(!) by Yahoo! employee number 5 Donald Lobo (who now runs the Chintu Gudiya foundation which funds open tech projects in India). It's an open source CRM, used by over 11,000 non-profits/NGOs/arts orgs/coops/political-parties/advocacy groups/FOSS projects - and integrates with WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Backdrop. It's got a really friendly international community, but because it's PHP, old, large and works with traditional CMSs rather than modern Javascript frameworks, isn't hugely well known among younger devs.

All the CiviCRM videos are being monetized with a Payment Pointer collecting for CiviCRM (via $ - which is sustained by community funding. Some use Hyperaudio (GFTW awardee) to create an interactive transcript.

CiviCRM films include:

Ways these are being Monetized…

These are all open, Creative Commons videos, so are accessible with or without Web Monetization. But the CivCRM videos will display both a thank-you message and download link if you watch them with a Coil subscription.


Thanks in advance to anyone who engages with and promotes these. Also to the filmmakers for taking a chance - and to Erika Lee and Mariana Perez at (GFTW awardee) New Media Rights for really helpful advice.

More info came out of the GFTW-funded MOVA project. We're new, small and very open to collaborations and knoweldge sharing! You can reach us via or @openvideotech

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