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Bruno Panuto
Bruno Panuto

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WMHub and DreamSquad

I'm pleased to announce that DreamSquad is now using WMHub to manage their payment pointers in their website!

Since the beginning, DreamSquad has helped WMHub with software expertise, testing and just rubber ducking the bugs we found along the way. I'm happy to see a website out in the wild using and benefiting from Web Monetization without writing a single line of code! That has been WMHub's purpose all along :)


DreamSquad is a consulting company, offering top notch software development for a number of areas: backend, front-end, microservices, and more! The teams are based in Latin America, mainly Brazil. Go check them out if you have any aspirations of building or expanding a dedicated and distributed remote team!

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Chris Lawrence

Love how you are thinking of ways to make this a feature for sites through tooling! How is DreamSquad marketing this feature?

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Bruno Panuto

Hi Chris! Thanks for your kind words! I'm a firm believer that tooling can help adoption for almost anything.

That's a good question. We're still talking about it, trying to see how we can better leverage Web Monetization. For the moment, they're using as a PoC, but we can definitely do better :)