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WMHub β€” Grant Report #3

And we're live! WMHub is fully operational and in production!

Project Update

After a lot of bugfixing, sweat and tears, WMHub as we envisioned is live! WMHub is a tool that allows you to setup Web Monetization in your project, without any coding knowledge required! Think of it like Google Analytics, but for Web Monetization.

Progress on objectives

Technology-wise, we hit almost every point. You're able to manage your projects, as well as receiving analytics details about money being transferred per project. We had a few other features in the roadmap, however, we felt that user feedback was going to be essential in order to prioritize what would be most useful.

Key activities

WMHub was always meant to be a tool that leverages Web Monetization, making it accessible to anyone. We have a full fledged suite of front-end, backend and databases in the cloud in order to make this work seamlessly.

We've also taken extra care with costs and scalability in mind. WMHub should be able to handle bursts of demand, while saving resources when idle by leveraging serverless and serverless-friendly tools.

Communications and marketing

We have designed a marketing roadmap, while also brainstorming a couple of niches that could leverage Web Monetization as means of income.

We're running Google Ads on two specific niches: blogs and podcasts. The idea is to see if there's a persona in these niches that is able and willing to use cutting edge technology to drive Web Monetization adoption further.

We've also contacted a few strategic partners in those areas in Brazil: influencers, podcasters and bloggers that have medium-sized audiences that will help us understand the needs of these niches or develop new, entire products. We'll be working with them closely to brainstorm and develop solutions based on WMHub/Web Monetization for their audiences. This is meant to be a long term activity, where we want to foster Web Monetization adoption through awesome products for the next couple of years.

You can see a initial version of these experiments targeting podcasts here and targeting blogs here.

We're tracking engagement in both of these segments, and will develop more original content for a blog of our own in the next few months as well.

What’s next?

We want Web Monetization to be for everyone. That's why we're starting separated experiments that leverage WMHub as a tool to help niche markets.

Podcasts and blogs are the first ones we've decided to tackle. Feedback from partners and users will shape how we move forward. One thing is certain: Web Monetization will be the core of it.

What community support would benefit your project?

If you're interested in setting up Web Monetization without having to code, have a look at WMHub! Feel free to contact me regarding any feedback you may have.

I'm also open to all forms of brainstorming of new ways Web Monetization can help niche markets, including taking a deeper look at the Interledger Protocol. If you're interested in this, let's have a chat!

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