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WMHub β€” Grant Report #1

Hi everyone! This is the very 1st progress report for WMHub!

I'm excited to share what the team has been up to so far, and what awaits us in the following months.

A quick refresh about the purpose of WMHub: it's a tool that helps content creators leverage Web Monetization for their content in a centralized place. It allows anyone, regardless of background or technical expertise, to leverage the Web Monetization ecosystem.

The new website

The new WMHub website is up on the web! Check it out!

The legacy application is in the process of being swapped out by a totally new application, with a more streamlined user experience.

New WMHub Project Listing

New WMHub Project Page

Redesign and new architecture

Our main focus at the moment is the application revamp and new architecture.

The current application was built during the Grant For The Web Hackathon, which served well as a prototype. Going forward, we need a new architecture that allows for a faster product iteration, so that WMHub can keep up with Web Monetization's fast moving ecosystem.

This new architecture will leverage AWS cloud services for an integrated development and deployment experience.

The tasks for this are planned and we expect the new WMHub app to be publicly accessible by mid February!

Marketing roadmap

We've defined a marketing roadmap for WMHub. There's activities planned for the next months focusing on developing and growing WMHub as a business.

Expect more details about our public communication soon.

The Team

WMHub is built by people. Here are some of them:

Gabrielle Telman awesomelly led the bootstrap of the new React front-end for WMHub. Going forward, Danilo Miranda is going to handle all the new UI redesigns and front-end engineering.

Andrey Torres is helping me design and build the backend services for WMHub, leveraging the AWS cloud.

Andrezza Tavares is the mastermind behind the marketing strategies.

What’s next?

We'll build and put into production a Web Monetization experience that, hopefully, will allow the adoption of Web Monetization to a wider audience of content creators.

Not only that, but we are also growing WMHub as a business. This means putting WMHub into the hands of real customers and parterns, paying careful attention to feedback, basing everything we do in data, and having solid engineering principles.

The community

WMHub is supposed to be a tool that integrates the Web Monetization ecosystem in ways that I haven't even thinked about yet. We're adopting an API First strategy that will allow us to integrate not only our own products, but other partners as well.

I would be more than thrilled to connect with any of the projects for a partnership. If this piqued your interest, feel free to reach out!

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cyberdees profile image
Desigan CHINNIAH • Edited

Nice, @nubunto. Note: I hit a major security warning within Firefox (Nightly) β€” which you and the team may want to take a look at...

Screenshot of security warning to enter WMhub

nubunto profile image
Bruno Panuto

Thanks for the heads up! We're aware of this, it's a issue with the old SSL certificate.
We can't fix this without some downtime, but it will be addressed this week.

antoniotalarico profile image
Antonio Talarico • Edited

Love the UI/UX on this! Remarkable. Indeed a bit of problems with certificates (on Chrome, it doesn't seem to allow me to load the page once logged in as it defines it as "Not secure"). Would love to get in touch!

nubunto profile image
Bruno Panuto

Thanks Antonio! We've moved subdomains and, as we're redesigning the app, that will be fixed with the redesign.

Feel free to reach out to me through twitter. It would be my pleasure!