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Jessica Ossom
Jessica Ossom

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New member alert! Get to know me.πŸ˜€

My name is Jessica and yes, my name on this community is Jessica too. Almost every platform that I'm in, I prefer using my name and surname together Jessica Ossom. I've never thought about changing it to a nickname, I simply feel comfortable using my name on every blogging platform I join.

Do I have a nickname? Yeah, maybe Jessie or Jess😊

I have chosen my full name Jessica Ossom because I feel comfortable using the name on platforms that I am on, I prefer to be known by the name wherever I go. You can also say that I am proud of my name, yeah hehe.

I am hoping that joining this platform would allow me to meet new people and get to be friends with them, learn about other people's cultures, beliefs, religions, and share in their joys. In summary here, my focus is to be able to gain people's trust here and have them be genuine and close friends.

I found out about this community while I was looking up grant for the web.

Now I'm happy that my account has been successfully created and I'm writing my introduction post. Yay!!

To be honest, I haven't gone through all on the platform yet, (I haven't checked anything yet, but I'm just hoping that it won't be complicated and may be similar to the other ones I know.

There are a lot of things in my heart that I've learned and would love to share on the platform, I am brown in complexion, and I hope to meet friends here. (Yes, I'm repeating the friend part)

Due to my temperament, I am mostly reserved, quiet and calm, I am not a good gist partner, I am that kind of person who talks like each word costs a fortune. Yes, I have my strengths and weaknesses. One of my strengths is being a perfectionist while my weakness is being slow.

Offline I am mostly reserved and I know that I want to share things about myself, my life experiences, obstacles, testimonies, and so much more that I'm facing in the world of a single mom with someone.

I should also add that I'm not new to this space, speaking of crypto blogging platforms. I joined this space during the covid period, and that was in the year 2020. I can confidently say that I have never for once regretted the choice of joining the crypto blogging platform and I have been privileged to learn about more platforms that I have also joined.


Currently, my mind is on business to enable me to be financially stable to an extent before I further. I've always wanted to be a medical doctor while I was younger but as I grew older, I realized that life isn't exactly how we imagine it to be, the educational system of my country is nothing to write home about too. Nevertheless, I am optimistic that all things will fall in place in due time.

My favorite food.

To be honest, I do not have a favorite food, I eat anything healthy and edible. However, if I'm pressed to just mention one favorite food, I would say that it is boiled rice and beans with chicken or fish stew, it tastes nice and each time I prepare that for myself, I always can't have enough of it, I just keep wanting more.

My hobbies and interests.

I love singing, writing, and editing videos.
What I have found myself doing mostly these days is singing though. I hope to go to a studio someday to record a song.

Isolation is not good but I enjoy my alone time a lot.

I'm a mom of a one is age 4.

I'm the third child in my family, my mom gave birth to four girls. If you ask me, I would say, yes, I am happy to be a member of my family.

Should I call this my wildest dream?

I want to get to that stage where I am financially buoyant and do not have to depend much on others to take care of my son, my family, and myself.

I want to travel around the world and get to know and see many beautiful places, I want to constantly be a blessing to others.

Everyone has one secret they keep to themselves alone and all their lives, they have never shared it with anyone. I currently can't remember any deep secret now, it probably means that I have none hehe.

There is so much more to me, I will leave you all to drop me a follow so you don't miss more updates from me and so that you can always have access to me.

I am optimistic that I will enjoy my stay on here and that I will learn a lot. Speaking of learning, that's one thing I never want to stop doing.
I hope that I find a home here even as I start my journey here, again I hope to find genuine friends here too that I can be close to.

I am grateful to you all for receiving me and the support I will be getting from you all.


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Chris Lawrence

Welcome @ossomjessica please let us know if you have any questions.