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Wellness through Mindfulness — MozFest 2022 Web Monetization Action Plan

Collaborating with Erica Hargreave from StoryToGo and her team in Creating Wellness Breaks during the MozFest festival prompted me to re-launch the Wellness Through Mindfulness program. What better way to continue to explore and experiment with the potential to empower through mindfulness than with the Grand MozFest Web Monetization Experiment incubator experiment?!

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Web Monetized Resources at MozFest

Just for MozFest, Erica and her team are creating a Sustainable Funding Series MozFest Exclusive Gallery with all videos from the series. Since I will be leading a session for that project, you will be able to access the link to my Web Monetized works session on her Gallery.

MozFest attendees will be able access this gallery, provided they have added the Coil browser extension to their desktop browser or are using the Puma browser.

Ways in Which I Am Web Monetizing These Resources

The Wellness through Mindfulness program is currently web monetized through the Coil Web Monetization Plugin for WordPress on, connecting the Pamela J. Alexander Wellness YouTube channel to the Coil account, and uploading our video files to Cinnamon Video. There is also the possibility to give direct donations via the link found on YouTube.

I've started talking with Erica about other collabs, so expect more way to access mindfulness content soon!

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A Tweet About My Web Monetized Resources at MozFest

Looking forward to collaborating with fellow #WebMonetization resources creators and past @GrantForTheWeb grantees @EricaHargreave, Briana Stuart, @LoriYearwood Creating Wellness Breaks @mozillafestival! #OnlineWellness #MozFest

— PamelaJAlexanderWellness (@PamelaWellness) March 6, 2022

My Payment Pointer Supports this Internet Health or Social Good Initiative (optional)

The payment pointer supports on-going education and professional development which directly translate into the development of future wellness resources. These "resources" will take the form of practices sessions, future courses, presentations and ebooks, etc.

I'd Love the Community Support with this Project By ...

Aside from sharing the resources that are being built with anyone that you feel could benefit, I am always looking for new people to collaborate and would love your suggestions. That could be you or someone you know. I'd also love any recommendation on how to share more, more efficiently because as a solopreneur I don't have "people" for that!

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Rashon Massey

LETS GO!!!!! Love this! Have this on my MozFest schedule and really hoping I can tap in to get some wellness gems!