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Project Update

Right now my project is fully done except for making the website available to the public. That part was pushed for health issues but as soon as I can it will be done since all the content and all the website layout/functionalities are ready to go. Working on my website was an amazing experience that allowed me to sift the focus from some personal issues and I truly appreciate that.

Progress on objectives

The initial objective was to create a website with new content but because of the health issues that arose a new proposal was accepted to start the project with the content that was on my Coil Blogging section and that was done. All the articles I had on my Coil Blog are now uploaded on my website so that, when I can return to social media, it will allow me to make the website available right away with content ready to be released.

Key activities

As I’ve previously mentioned the key activities were creating my website and new content but that shifted to creating the website and uploading my existing content. Both are finished and ready to publish as soon as possible.

Communications and marketing

When I’m ready to make the website public my goals for advertising still remain the same, a small Twitter campaign and keep posting about it on social media.

What’s next?

Next, as soon as my health issues allow for it, I plan to make the website public and start at first publishing the content I had on my Coil Blog, along with returning to my social media presence. Shortly after that I will start working on new content to always have a string of drafted content to work with and will mix that new content while publishing on the website.

Additional comments

I just want to say thank you to the wonderful people that are connected to Grant for the Web because, besides giving us the opportunity to have our own projects, they are always there for us. When I had to tell them about my health issues and the barriers they were bringing to make my project as it was supposed to be originally, I had nothing but support from the Grant for the Web Team and I can’t thank them enough for that!

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Looking forward to seeing your incredible content Patty!