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Some thoughts on PIX - the biggest financial revolution ever

Hello everyone! I'm sharing an interesting paper about PIX and its lessons on financial inclusion. The document the author shared with the post also demonstrates some of the infrastructure, payment flows, and other aspects of such an amazing technology.

PIX is an open payment method created by the Brazilian government that allows people to transfer any amount from 0,01 BRL between each other instantly, without fees. Brazilians moved 11 trillions BRL in 2022, saving billions in bank fees, which makes PIX the biggest payment revolution ever. PIX gives power to the people, by offering liquidity without charges.

I believe there are many learnings we could take from this experience, even though PIX only has 2 years old. As an open-source technology, PIX also allows anyone to create different solutions with it, like digital wallets integrated to businesses. In many ways, PIX can lead the way to a cross-border payment method that guarantees financial inclusion worldwide.

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Thanks Patrick, I've heard about PIX a few times, and definitely seems to be a pretty amazing government initiative. I'm sure the banks aren't happy, but the people are very happy and that's truly what government projects should be all about.