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Porium - Grant Report #2

We’re excited to share updates for Porium, an online learning platform for Web 3 enthusiasts, developers and communities. One of our objectives is to make distributed technology more accessible through education resources and creating a learning environment.

Project Update

Based on user survey findings, referenced in our grant report #1, we’ve developed beginner-friendly courses for learners who have developed an interest in web 3 and its supporting technologies.


Blockchain Basics

This course is an introduction to decentralized and distributed computing. It constitutes an overview of layer one governance systems, open APIs, introduction to neutral computation description languages, and fundamentals of virtual machines like EVM.

Cryptography & Encryption

When finished, this course will enable learners to differentiate consensus algorithms and their corresponding hashing functions, including SHA, and understand how private and public keys govern distributed networks.

Token and Crypto Economics

The learning objectives for this course is to enable students to deconstruct state machines by understanding UTXO and account models. They learn how transactions and blocks are confirmed on different protocols.

Communication & Marketing


To support our community of learners, we launched Wengi, a Web 3 community with the aim of building around community data, democracy, internet-freedom and mobile~specific solutions. Additionally, we’ll support users and growth of new opportunities through research, collaborations and community engagement.


We hosted several virtual and physical meet-ups with our growing number of community members. Using these sessions to discuss concepts of distributed technology, web monetization and digital currencies.



In addition to regular events, we’re maintaining multiple community forums on Slack, Telegram and Notion which as platforms, enable us to provide miscellaneous support to developers, learners and students getting started with blockchain technology.

Next Steps

Pilot Porium v1

In January 2022, we’ll be making the beta version of the learning platform available to registered learners. For this pilot students register for each course in successive order introducing them to blockchain, on a journey to develop a decentralized application.

Applications just closed for interested learners and we’ve received over 100 applications. Some lessons in each course will be self-paced, and instructors will be available to facilitate additional topics during the learning period.

Develop Intermediate and advanced learning paths

Through the workshops and hackathons we’re offering, we’ll continue to provide courses, bootcamps and training through intermediate and advanced learning paths to develop tech skills applicable in real world business environments.

Deepen partnerships to grow onboarding funnel

Over the course of 2021, we’ve developed various partnerships with Web 3 companies. In 2022, we aim to deepen these partnerships to widen access to various communities and frameworks within the ecosystem.

Host physical and virtual meetups for community events

We’ll continue to host community events which are an extremely powerful, galvanizing force to engage community members, expand our global audience and increase the number of people who are deeply invested in and committed to the success of Web 3.

What community support would benefit our project

Introduction to community engineers, and Web Monetization advocates to develop content, audit courses and speak at events introducing the community to Web monetization standards.

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