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Final Report: freeCodeCamp Web Monetization Course

Hey everyone, I'm thrilled to announce that freeCodeCamp's Web Monetization course is now live on our charity's YouTube channel.

You can view the announcement of the new course on freeCodeCamp's publication.

And you can watch the video course below – I've embedded it for your convenience.

Progress on objectives

Our initial report is here on the Forem:
Status: Completed

The following is a breakdown of our progress:

[x] Ideation
[x] Script written
[x] Course overview approved
[x] Course title approved
[x] Script approved
[x] Project final build approved
[x] Filming finished
[x] Editing Finished
[x] Description for the YouTube Channel done
[x] GitHub Links shared
[x] Timestamps added
[x] Video and supporting docs sent over to all stakeholders

Here is a full outline of the course:

  1. Web Monetization Explainer
  2. Flow Overview
  3. What is the Interledger Protocol
  4. What are Payment Pointers
  5. Coding Tutorial (The basics)
  6. Set up a web monetized wallet
  7. Receiving Payments
  8. Sending Payments
  9. Getting started
  10. JavaScript API
  11. Examples:
    • Exclusive Content
    • Removing Ads
    • Micropayment counter
    • Probabilistic Revenue Sharing
    • Start/Stop Monetization
    • Receipt Verifier Service

And this is our Final Grant Report.
Status: Completed

Course Description

By the end of this crash course you will know:

  • what web monetization is,
  • how to implement it onto your website to get paid for your hard work,
  • and how to receive payments.

Key Activities

Ania Kubow, Beau Carnes, and myself collaborated developed this course. Ania is a software developer and course creator on YouTube, as well as your guide to the world of Web Monetization. Beau runs the freeCodeCamp community YouTube, and has helped with editing. And I helped with planning development of this course.

Communications and marketing

Here is how we communicated this course to learners:

"While you will learn about many different monetization strategies, this course focusses on one in particular. You will learn how to make money from your website without having to reply on third party advertisers or selling your users data.

The method involves users, who value the service you offer them from your website, paying you a very small payment for visiting your site.

You will learn how to develop a website where users can choose either an ad-supported version or an ad-free premium experience where they pay a small fee."

Wrapping up

We are grateful to the Grant for the Web community, and all the help we've received from Chris and Ayesha. And we are thrilled to have this learning resource available for all who want to understand Web Monetization and incorporate it into their websites and service.

Happy coding :)

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radhyr profile image

Awesome! Just got the recommendation on this in my YouTube feeds. 4 days in and the vid already got almost 100k views πŸ‘

Hope to see more and more tech influencers getting onboard talking about Web Monetization in the future!