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Discussion on: - What does a minimum lovable product even look like?

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I reviewed Svelte a year ago and felt, at the time, it wasn't mature enough for production code, but - obvs - these are all rapidly evolving stacks.

It takes me back when Svelte 3 just released... VS Code didn't even have an icon for svelte files...

epub.js is, well, hard ... the API is documented, just not with any definitions so you don't know what parameters you need to provide, or what you're going to get back. Trial and error to figure it out, and I'm probably not using a fraction of what it can do (or even need all of it). Getting reading position and saving it is very, very janky.

I open-sourced my epub converter here:

Ah, yes, converting to epub is what I'm looking for. I'm trying to look for library that can be used in browser since my project is a JAMstack. It's unfortunate that I don't know Python so currently my only option is epub library made in JavaScript or Wasm.

I'm still to start learning the webmonetisation stack, so maybe you already know a few gotchas to avoid?

I'm also not very far on exploring WM. I did create a library on WM which specialize in revshare (, but that doesn't require much interaction with actual payment made in Web Monetization to develop. Others have experimenting with WM's advanced feature like receipt verification and I recall Simon from Audiotarky ported it for Python early this year.

Definitely, would love to collaborate. May help both of us :)

Sure. I'm currently trying my luck to reach out to fellow WM devs that have projects on novels for epubs, but there's definitely other areas where we can put our efforts together. I'm currently exploring the idea of Web Components for novel ereaders (like subscription banners and such) that heavily based from my learning like implementing UX from findings in Denisa's researches for something to do for the next few months. Maybe you have some idea in mind? I'll shot you an email for more discussions later.