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Discussion on: How Do You Explain Web Monetization?

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Radhy • Edited

Well, I just make Medium as an example because their pay once subscription model works for many writers, and there are lots of supporting articles like articles showing how much Medium writers earn on the internet, though I don't think I can give you a quotable example from this Erica. If someone knows how Medium subscription work then at least they'll have the image how $5/month WM subscription model is gonna work. What I did is just pointing out that.

Of course, this is not including tipping and other novel payment methods that WM and Interledger going to offer like Chris said. Medium with their own developers employ their own algorithm to calculate writers' earnings, WM and Interledger developers could probably do similar things with less efforts and skillsets - and this is I think is the beauty of Web Monetization that I think Web Monetization has advantage of in the long run.

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Erica Hargreave

Thanks Radhy.