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The best place to get latest state of Web Monetization (and Interledger) ?

Just now I was lurking on Web Monetization for news and realized that quite a few breaking changes that coming to Web Monetization spec - such as plans to migrate from meta to link for web monetization tag, allows multiple tags that could change the behavior of WM revenue shares, migrating from documentation.monetization, and so on.

I previously realized that Web Monetization is changing fast and quietly, back when I found out changes that allows multiple payment pointers in iframe from the official WM documentation, which I didn't consider back when developing revenue share in my project ProgNovel. I know that some of these changes haven't reach the spec draft yet, but as a developer interested in experimenting on Web Monetization I think it is great to hear some "insider" news on the latest state so that we can plan ahead for our projects - ideally if we can be "informed" rather than finding them out ourselves.

So I made this thread to conform our place to get the latest news of Web Monetization. Do you have places we need to check out to add to the list?

Place that I frequently visit:
This very community space

Place that I infrequently check out:
Web Monetization Doc pages
WM issues at
WM spec at

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