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Web monetization adoption through Snake Nation platform

The Snake Nation Platform is an application for content tracking, rewards, and ownership that uses blockchain technology to transfer value. It is an extension of the existing Snake Nation community which comprises real-world places, university societies (clubs), and digital platforms helping to create an unrestricted globally inclusive creative economy. As the Snake Nation platfrom and ILP integration is underway, we are now thinking about adoption.

Web monetization disconnect

When people think of web monetization, the term is what it sounds like: monetization over the web! But what the term doesn't explain is that you can also protect your privacy, protect your data, save your time, and use open protocols to seamlessly distribute payments. This can potentially create an incomplete perspective around what web monetization is and which problems it actually addresses.

I see Adoption as the biggest yet most exciting challenge for Web monetization. The general onboarding to web monetization is easy as a creator because creators have an imperative to monetize what they create. There is more friction for the person consuming the content. What drives them to sign up for a service to pay you? Why should they pay when there is an expectation that everything online is free?

Why we need Web Monetization.

As we start to tackle the adoption problem, we acknowledged that there is no single answer to why we want a safer web, a faster web, and a web that seamlessly supports content creators from all over the world. I can start to explain the web monetization API, the technology behind inter ledger, the meaning of open protocols, and even explain the process of transferring funds through the web, but the simple answer is: we need a "better web" that is more secure, and even less Frustrating. We need a web that supports content creators without extorting users and a web that generates income for content creators without having to sell user privacy.
Whenever creators rely on a platform which they have no control over, they are putting trust into the platform.They are trusting that what they create will be served, their rights will be preserved and the platform will act in their best interest. This speaks directly to the core mission of the Snake Nation Platform which we co-develop with creatives, which then highlights an intersection with Web monetization and presents a strong adoption path.

Promoting the benefits of Web Monetization

The Snake Nation Platform appeals to creatives mainly because of its simplicity in allowing creatives to earn. With the Platform we focus on a trilogy: Create > engage > earn. This positions the platform to deliver web monetization to our users.

By using an ILP capable wallet our users will benefit, by the ease of currency conversion and access to international markets/locations. The understanding and promotion of the incorporated technology simultaneously lead to the adoption of our college communities.We will utilize the Snake Nation mobile platform to create contests around web monetization content and platforms.There are many ways other GFTW grantees interestingly tell the web monetization story. A great example is 'A Web Monetization Story', a website that seeks to help creators understand how simple it is to enable Web Monetization on their own sites.

For the incorporation we have a series of hackathons lined up with our college communities to educate and build around web monetization. This model is a huge part of how we at Snake Nation co-create with young people and drive technology adoption.

Overall, our goal is to use the Snake Nation Platform to increase Web Monetization exposure and awareness and to help people understand how Web Monetization fits in with their regular browsing.

Let’s engage around some other interesting ways to drive web monetization don’t shy away from commenting or sending me or other team members @tawandabrandon and @lwlkarama a message.

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