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SNAKENATION — MozFest 2022 Web Monetization Action Plan

Project Description

Snake Nation is a mission driven culture content and tech company based in Atlanta, GA and Cape Town, South Africa. Our focus is on helping young diverse creators access the creative economy via our platform the Snake Nation app which is a social media platform with digital wallets and VNM is our platform utility token. VNM is a cryptocurrency that lives in every Snake Nation app user's digital wallet and is earned through social engagement with content and traded for access to premium content, creative services, mobile data, merch, and more.

VNM Description
VNM (Venom) is the Snake Nation App platform token, a cryptocurrency that lives in every user's assigned digital wallet and can be traded for access to premium content, creative services, mobile data, merch, and more.

The Evolution of our token will allow users to create digital content assets, allow digital web payments, and exchange for traditional and web 3.0 currencies such as… XLM , Bitcoin, USDC, and fiat when allowed.

The VNM token is a layer two token project built on the Stellar Network designed to integrate with financial exchange systems (DEX) creating opportunities for off ramp to the real world.

VNM Wallet
The VNM Wallet is a blockchain based wallet, that securely stores the value earned through platform activity, with potential to also hold digital assets in the near future. At this time Snake Nation App users are able to send and receive VNM peer to peer, and later this year use it for merchandise and rewards and IRL experiences.Send and receive VNM on Snake Nation Platform.Manage balances and trade VNM for fiat Integrated KYC provides banking services to previous marginalized creatives Manage NFTs issued from content living on the platform value creation in perpetuity of posted content

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Ways in Which we Am Web Monetizing the Resources

We are building an ILP Capable VNM Wallet that allows for creative publishers to collect/stream Web Money and e-commerce to their VNM Wallet. The VNM token is meant to streamline and reduce the friction that exists on the current global payment systems, which in emerging markets, marginalizes most of our members when it comes to receiving their earnings.
Having the ILP wallet integrated into the app allows for enhanced wallet functionality including the ability to make

  • P2P payments
  • Cross-border payments and withdrawals, top-ups
  • Contactless payments in any currency

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Our relationships with partners & local financial institutions will allow for off-ramps to cards and mobile money.

To our community of 8m +college students and an audience of 300M millennial multicultural youth, we are providing a key service to improve their lives, creating an onramp to the creative economy and driving adoption of ILP.

Currently our digital wallet holds users' creative value in the form of VNM, an XLM compatible token on the Rinkeby testnet. Every user gets a unique VNM wallet and credentials ready to use within the network.

In this day and time, it's more important than ever that we live our values of diversity, innovation, equity and authenticity. Now more than ever we are seeing creatives drive tech adoption and media. We see Snake Nation as an onramp into the creative economy and our ecosystem as a global driver of a value for young creators of color

We'd Love the Community Support with this Project By… signing up to join our BETA or connect with us through our social media channels.
Pull up for the #MOZFEST2022 #WEBMONEY #SnakeNation

So Let's Stay Connected - here are some links where you can reach us.

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vineel profile image
Vineel R. Pindi

Hi Lawil, Snake Nation looks amazing project! Thank you for sharing the action plan. I was exploring the website and couldn't find a Payment pointer [1] in the view source. Either you can create a unique payment pointer to help with Web Monetization or if you do not wish to create a payment pointer of your own, you could also conisder including existing Social benefit Payment Pointers that are curated here [2]. We're here to help anwer any question you have.



lwlkarama profile image
Lawil Karama

Hey @vineel thank you for this! snake nations current focus is to have the pointer in the app but I will make sure it will part of the io page as well
Again thank you!