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MozFest is Coming! Show off Your Project.

MozFest is coming up quick and we want to showcase your work!

On March 8th, we're opening up the site to hundreds of MozFest attendees so that they can browse around the awesome projects you all are working on and learn more about Web Monetization.

What we need from you

We've created a MozFest tag, #mozfest, that we will use to collect and exhibit all your amazing work.


This tag is dedicated to showcasing web monetized projects to the MozFest community!

If you can please use this template to post under #mozfest, we plan on directing folks to the tag landing page so that they can read your posts, learn more about what you and your team has been up to in the Web Monetization space, and potentially even demo what you've been working on.

Get creative and have fun, this is your time to shine!

How this will work

We’re creating a "Welcome MozFest" landing page that will be shared throughout the festival to give people new to Web Monetization context and an overview about our community. Lots of these folks are open web enthusiasts but not all are familiar with Web Monetization and your projects, so we hope to educate them about the possibilities and creative potential there is for Web Monetization.

This is where you all come in! From the welcome page, we'll point folks to the #mozfest tag where they can then browse through your projects and learn more about how Web Monetization works.

Final Notes

We really need your help making this space as fun, engaging, and informative as possible! Please write a post using this template and post under the MozFest tag before March 7th. It's absolutely fine to include any other relevant hashtags, but be sure to include #mozfest.

As a Grant for the Web founding collaborator, Mozilla has shaped this program since the beginning. MozFest is a great place to share your work, get inspiration from others, and connect to a larger open web network. To participate in MozFest, Get your tickets here, it is a pay-what-you-want model and as a sponsor we have contributed, so if you can’t pay, still grab a ticket!

Top comments (5)

thelastjosh profile image
Joshua Tan

I'm one of the organizers of the "Civil Society Reimagined" discussion. Would love to see some folks from the GFTW community! Session was completely booked up last week, but we just added a few more spaces, so register soon!

padwantwo profile image

Will look forward to the recording of this one.

muraldouglas profile image
Douglas Arellanes

I'm one of the wranglers in the Creative AI space, so I'll be around at MozFest quite a lot - drop by our events and say hi too. Looking forward to meeting you there!

erikad profile image

@muraldouglas Nice! Wranglers are the true MozFest heros! ❀️ Can't wait to check out your space.

padwantwo profile image

Thanks for this. Nice timing too. Our pre-launch landing page is scheduled to go up next week. Will move that up to this week, so that we can be part of the conversation in the next few days.