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Storage to the People: Come Try It Out!

Hello everyone!

We’re really excited for today’s GFTW community call! As part of the call, we’ll be using Permanent’s Etherpad Prototype for collaborative note taking: An exciting milestone for our project.

A Quick Recap on Storage to the People

The main tangible output of our work is a repository containing an Etherpad plugin that implements web-monetized (COIL-based) micropayments to authorize permanent storage of pad content. That repository is available on GitHub, and we published its contents under a GPLv3 license.

We have a demo instance of the pad running on the Permanent staging environment. The pad is not meant for serious use just yet because documents created there can only be saved to the Permanent staging instance at present. Anyone who wants to demo the app can check out instructions on our Knowledge Base.

The plugin we built does demonstrate the functionality we originally envisioned. It is, however, just a demo. We plan to go further. We hope to host a polished version of this app on the Permanent production environment after the completion of auth improvements.

Come Test It Out

We’d love to get feedback from folks. If interested in providing perspective, fill out this brief survey so we can follow-up with you.

We’ll keep you posted and our documentation updated as we discover bugs, roadmap improvements, and build towards the eventual incorporation of a polished version of this prototype into Permanent’s production environment.

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We loved using your prototype in our call today. It worked perfectly! Can't wait until we can make Permanent's etherpad part of our team's daily toolset!

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Thomas Visco

Glad you all enjoyed it!