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Tawanda Brandon
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Tawanda Brandon — ILP Summit Reflections

My name is Tawanda Brandon and I am a tech entreprenuer originally from Zimbabwe, based in Cape Town. I am currently leading technology at Snake Nation where we are building a pathway to the creative economy for young diverse creators as a way to reduce unemployment and poverty. Our creator platform allows our members to monetise their creative work and grow their audience, globally. It is the current state of digital payments, that is failing to efficiently serve our members, that led us to exploring the Interledger (ILP).

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The ILP Summit was for me, the most immersive ILP experience I had ever had. Heading into the summit I was not sure what to expect, considering this was the first time I had ever attended an in-person ILP community event. We had 2 company presentations that I was involved in, on the welcome evening as well as a panel talk at the end of the summit. In addition I had the summit schedule marked for the Hack-room sessions, the Rafiki Update and of-course the Stephan's talk on the upcoming Dassie network.

Key takeaways from the Summit

It was most exciting to meet and greet the ILP team, ecosystem partners and other fellow grantees. I managed to connect with a couple of developers working on ILP from every continent except Antarctica. I also connected with Bob Way, who has been an enormous resource in our research and development. Sabine Schaller's presentation on Rafikki helped curb our anxiety as a team, in understanding the future of our project which heavily depended on Rafikki. TigerBeetle was also an interesting development, which equally helped show all the hard work that is going into ILP under the hood.

Image DescriptionDuring our Panel talk on Day 3. With @karlitosn @uchibeke @gabbideculus

Coming back from the summit, to say the least, we have more confidence in diving deeper into the complexities that ILP is presenting us. We have a better understanding of the state of ILP at a global level, with increased number of contacts in our network that we can reach out to. Meeting other grantees on the continent has helped us widen our partnership net during this phase, giving us access to other likeminded teams who not only understand ILP but are building with ILP as a dependency.

I'm very thankful to the ILF team and partners for making this trip possible, as it has been highly elemental in integrating ILP with our solution. Look forward to the next engagement and hope to see you there!

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