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Tinthi Tembo β€” ILP Summit 2023 Micro Grantee Report

title: Tinthi Tembo β€” ILP Summit 2023 Micro Grantee Report
published: Dec 5, 2023
description: Sharing a report as part of my participation as a Micro Grantee at the ILP Summit 2023.

series: ILP Summit Micro Grantee Reports

Hello Interledger community, Tinthi here from the Indigenomics Institute. It was an absolute pleasure attending the summit this year and I’m so grateful. I went into the summit with the intention to learn from others and hoped to build long lasting relationships, honestly I didn’t know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised by all the engagement, panel discussions and networking which took place at the summit.

Some keys highlights came from attending the opening reception, several breakout rooms including: Mexico’s PCH remittance use case, Financial inclusion for undocumented people, social sector credit unions,and mobile money 2.0.
All of the panels touched on topics which I’ve been focused on and think about at length. It was good to hear different perspectives. The art exhibitions were one of my favourite components of the summit, creativity can express nuances in a palatable fashion.

Key takeaways are my increased knowledge and understanding of the Interledger Protocol and new and emerging Open Payments technologies, the benefits / potential that I can see possible for communities with the infrastructure to support it. Most of all, was the importance of working together and moving away from eco chamber solutions.

We hope to have a fruitful partnership with Interledger where we can work together to advance our agendas towards open payments within Indigenous Canadian communities. We are looking forward to exploring partnerships with other attendees with likeminded goals.

Thank you again for the opportunity to join your community!

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esthermwema profile image

Your presence made the ILP Summit much more amazing. It was nice to meet you. Keep doing your amazing work and being wholesome.

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Santosh Viswanatham

So glad to meet you at the Summit, Tinthi. Keep doing the amazing work you have been doing and Keep sharing with us. All the best.