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ilp wallet without KYC

Anyone know if there's plans to create a KYC-less ILP compatible wallet? My org plans on just resending money to other orgs rather than withdrawing fiat

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Radhy • Edited

I don't think we have KYC-less ILP wallet as of now except for testnet wallets for receiving non-real money. As far as I know, currently we have Uphold and Gatehub for wallet providers that support Interledger payments. Gatehub has quite strict KYC procedures than conventional digital wallets like Paypal as it requires its members to send a picture of passport and proof and residency, on top of common papers requirements like National ID. Uphold doesn't support registration for my country so I can't speak too much about it, though I think its KYC requirements should be more lenient than Gatehub.

Also, I think currently the main use case we have for ILP wallets is to receive payments for Web Monetization API. We will have more robust payments and ways for wallet providers to handle money with ILP enabled wallets once new Rafiki mainnet instance adopted by wallet providers. Hope this helps!

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awesome, thank you!

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Chris Lawrence

@radhyr is correct here