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2023 Grant & Funding List

I wanted to share some grant opportunities and will try to keep it updated as the year progresses. (Would you prefer monthly post?)

LIFT Labs Accelerators
The LIFT Labs Accelerators are open to startups at various stages in their entrepreneurial journeys, from pre-seed to enterprise-ready stages.This first program kicks off on May 22, 2023, in Philadelphia, where over the course of six weeks, startups will be introduced to leaders from across Comcast NBCUniversal - including Xfinity product, technology and customer experience teams; Universal Pictures; Universal Destinations & Experiences; Sky; Strategic Development and more – to gain more insight on the applications and opportunities around Generative AI.
Apply here:

Black Women Talk Tech Pitch Competition at the Annual Roadmap to Billions
The Pitch Competition at the Annual Roadmap to Billions is back! Pitch submissions are open early, so register and apply now! With up to $20K in cash + prizes on the line, come prepared to pitch your tech or scalable startup to a panel of judges, 100+ investors, and 1,500 attendees. Over $30M in funding and counting has been invested into participating pitch competition finalists through curated investor connections.
Apply here:

Papaya Grant
This International Women’s Day, we are so excited to launch The Papaya Grant, which will award $10,000 to one incredible and deserving female entreprenur. Whether you’re dreaming of launching your own business, or expanding the one you already have, we want to hear from you!
Apply here:

Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub Investment Readiness Program
Microsoft for Startups is running our next cohort of the Investment Readiness Program. This program is designed to prepare early-stage startup founders for raising venture capital by connecting them with experienced VCs and exposing them to a variety of perspectives on fundraising best practices.

The next program cycle is for African startups. Your company must be headquartered in an African country to qualify. Applications are due by 24 February 2023.

NAMIP’s Nigerian media Sustainability Challenge
Applications are now open for the Nigeria Media Innovation Program’s (NAMIP’s) Sustainability Challenge. Winners will be awarded up to $50,000 for their project and join NAMIP’s innovation and capacity building program that extends up till 2024.
Applications close Feb 28th
Apply here:

35 Mules
Join the next innovative class of startups. 35 Mules third cohort applications are live from Feb. 1 to March 17. Get access to world-class facilities, subject matter experts, a $100,000 non-dilutive (no equity) cash grant and more.
Apply here:

Metallic Fund
Offering grants, workshops, and mentorships to a wide variety of creatives in the community. Grants are awarded from £2,500 to a maximum of £20,000 per year, either as a one-off grant.
Apply here:

MIT Solve - Solver Award (Financial Inclusion)
All Solver teams selected for Solve’s Global Challenges and the Indigenous Communities Fellowship will receive a $10,000 grant funded by Solve.

The GSR Foundation Prize
GSR Foundation will award a prize to solutions that use innovative technology to address pressing issues in their communities and the world. Preference will be given to solutions that use blockchain to improve financial inclusion. The prize is funded by the GSR Foundation, an independent charity founded by GSR, a leading cryptocurrency trading firm. The Foundation seeks to advance education, promote equality of opportunity, and contribute to a sustainable world, emphasizing blockchain and innovative technology-powered solutions. Up to $200,000 will be awarded across several Solver teams from any of Solve's 2023 Global Challenges.

The AI for Humanity Prize
The AI for Humanity Prize is open to solutions leveraging data science, artificial intelligence, and/or machine learning to benefit humanity. The prize is made possible by The Patrick J. McGovern Foundation, a philanthropy committed to advancing AI and data solutions to create a thriving, equitable, and sustainable future for all. Up to $150,000 in funding will be awarded across several Solver teams from any of Solve’s 2023 Global Challenges.

May 9, 2023

Apply here:

Cisco Global Impact Cash Grant Program
//One category is Economic Development//
Our strategy is to invest in early stage, tech-enabled solutions that provide equitable access to the knowledge, skills, and resources that people need to support themselves and their families toward resilience, independence, and economic security.

Our goal is to support solutions that benefit individuals and families, and that contribute to local community growth and economic development in a sustainable economy.

We target our support in three interconnected areas:

  • Skills development to help job seekers secure dignified employment and long-term career pathways in technology or other sectors, including environmental sustainability/green jobs.

  • Inclusive entrepreneurship with small businesses as engines of local growth as well as high growth potential start-ups as large-scale job creators nationally and internationally, in technology or other sectors, including environment sustainability/green businesses.

  • Banking the unbanked through relevant and affordable financial products and capacity building services.

Award up to $75,000.

Chevrlot Dream Chaser
One winner will receive $100,000 and the use of a 2024 Trax — the small SUV with safety, innovative tech and big potential — for three months to help you keep chasing your dream while sharing your experiences on social media. So, if you think you have what it takes, enter today.
Apply by February 13th

FEDEX Small Business Grant
You’ve been all in for your business since day one. You’re always learning, always hustling, always striving for more. And with help from FedEx, you can go all out to drive your small business even further with a chance to win $30K from the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest.
Apply by January 31st

CTIA Wireless Catalyst
Catalyst is a competitive grants program for ambitious social entrepreneurs using the power of 5G and leading edge wireless technologies to enhance our lives and address pressing challenges in American communities.

Up to six applicants will receive financial and non-financial benefits, with Catalyst awarding over $200,000 in unrestricted grants. Learn more in our Call for Submissions.
Deadline March 7th

Need help creating your proposal? The Interledger Foundation is now accepting applications for a Proposal Writing Bootcamp. Learn more here:

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Chris Lawrence

Love this @victoriac Candid, the org that we are offering the scholarship to the grant writing course is a great resources for upcoming grant programs and other relevant news. It basically a new org after the merger of the Foundation Center and Guidestar. These two orgs served the non-profit sector with research, data, community and hosting US 5013CS financial filings.

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Victoria Coker

@chrislarry Candid looks great! Do they offer any free memberships for funding info ???

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Chris Lawrence

We don't pay anything and I signed up for their newsletter which brings in good resources. But I haven't explored it much yet looking for grants. I mainly use it on the grantmaker side for their resources. But I do think you can use much of the site for free. Their funding model mostly charges organizations for membership etc. And then point of purchase to users for certain things like the grant writing course. But honestly since Candid was formed in merger of Foundation Center and Guidestar I have been a bit confused by it. Signing up for their newsletter is worth it though.

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Victoria Coker

Ok, I will definitely sign-up for the newsletter.

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Thanks for sharing grant resources again 👍