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Web Monetized Multimedia — Final Report #2

Project Update

Micropayments and actual pay-per-use have been the “holy grail” of web monetization during the last decade. We have been thrilled to contribute our part in trying to solve this problem, or at least evaluate some aspects of the ecosystem that one day could make this a mainstream use case.

When we were starting the project we were studying the current state of Web Monetization - we realized that adding a simple Web Monetization for your website is easy, but building a more complex web monetization platform, like a video-sharing platform or a news website, requires additional logic.

Then we started building the WMM project - which is a new technology allowing content creators to easily receive money from their digital goods. wmm-components includes a collection of components that allow creators of media (whether video, audio or text) to start receiving money with a simple installation and configuration file.

Progress on objectives

The main objective of the WMM project is to promote web monetization through a platform-agnostic library of streaming multimedia web components, and to show the extended possibilities of the API with hosted demo websites and blog posts that guide the community in applying the technology into their projects.

The deliverables were to create a set of components with proper documentation of each selected media type: streaming video, audio and text, and after each milestone to write a blog post describing the project status.

The last phase of the project involved polishing the components and the documentation. We also researched future use cases for web monetization.

Key activities

During the final phase of the project we finalized and published the main milestones: the web-component library and its source code. You can find those from here.

Web Monetized Multimedia documentation

Web Monetized Multimedia GitHub

Articles describing the development process, and some highlights from the creation of the video and the audio components:

DJ, put the records on

Short study of monetizing the streaming video

Communications and marketing

What’s next?

Now that the milestones are ready we are eager to find more people to test and develop the components further and provide feedback. It’s time for the open source community to get involved in the project with our support.

Recently, we posted an article based on a short study of streaming video monetizing:

In the era of influencers, online lectures and vast amounts of streaming content this looks like a low hanging fruit for further development.

What community support would benefit your project?

As noted previously, it would be important for the future of web monetization to have a wider variety of wallets, and more cryptocurrencies supporting it. This is surely something that will be resolved in the near future.

Additionally, we would like to find more contributors and users for our library. Please have a look at our GitHub and the documentation. Join the revolution.

Additional comments

The project finished a while ago, but due to some communications twists we are now happy to present our final report.

Relevant links/resources

Here is the short presentation of the WMM brand work

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