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Support us by taking the Akita Beta Release Survey

Hi, we're @sharon and @elliotโ€” the people behind the Akita project. We recently released Akita on the

and we invite you to install Akita and try it out! (Akita is also coming to the Firefox add-ons store soon)

About the Akita project

Akita is an open source browser extension that gives you insight into your engagement with Web Monetization. Akita presents your top visited monetized sites, how much time youโ€™re spending on them, and how much you're contributing (or could be contributing) to them.

You can read more in our README or watch our demo video.

Request For Feedback

We want to hear from people in the Web Monetization community so that we can understand how to make Akita a better resource. Weโ€™d love it if you would take Akita for a spin and then share your thoughts on your experience. Currently, Akita can be installed on the Chrome Web Store and Edge add-ons store (links above). We will collect the survey results, use them to inform our development process, and post the anonymized results laterโ€”after receiving a collection of responses.

If youโ€™re a Coil user, please fill out this Akita feedback survey.
If youโ€™re not a Coil user, please fill out this Akita feedback survey instead.

If surveys are not really your thing, weโ€™re happy to take feedback in the comments here or you can email us directly at

We really appreciate you trying out Akita and sharing your feedback with us!

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Mathew Safford

Going to install and check out the extension today! One question: does this track only web monetization that occurs through the Coil browser plugin or does it capture server-side monetization payments as well?

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Thanks so much for checking out Akita!

We track any monetization events that can detected client-side as defined in the Web Monetization spec here:; i.e. we take note of document.monetization.state and browser events such as monetizationstart. We also check for monetized iframes and include that data in the extension.

Akita should work for any Web Monetization Provider that follows the Web Monetization spec, including Coil. We don't have server-side tracking, but any alternative implementations of payment streaming that emit the Web Monetization events from the spec should be handled by us.

Hope this clarifies things! Happy to provide more explanation/detail if this didn't quite hit the mark. :)

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I definitely encourage everyone to take this survey! The Akita team creates great resources for folks just learning about Web Monetization.