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What the WOOF 🐶 is Web Monetization? — Akita

10 months ago, we learned about Web Monetization. A few keywords stood out to us: open, fair and inclusive. These words weren’t something we were used to seeing amongst monetization on the web, which generally involves targeted ads, paywalls and other unfortunate things.

But we found ourselves struggling to understand and find resources to learn about Web Monetization. To tackle this problem, we began the Akita project. We created resources which introduce Web Monetization through easy-to-use tools, storytelling and community outreach. Scroll down to see what we've made!

Our Team

Hi there! We’re @elliot and @sharon, the co-creators of the Akita project. We’re both software developers, but also find ourselves designing, speaking, writing and illustrating. Here’s our socials if you’d like to reach out!

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Akita Browser Extension

Whether or not you’re using a Web Monetization Provider such as Coil, you can get started with Akita to find out how you engage with Web Monetization on the internet.

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'A Web Monetization Story' Website

Check out our interactive Web Monetization tutorial for online creators. We give you the basics of how to add Web Monetization to a site through the story of Auden and Chicken.

  • Website — Try out the interactive tutorial!
  • Demo Video
  • GitHub — Our open-source code repository for the website.
  • Process — How we built the website.

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Community Outreach

Over the past six months, we've spoken at two conferences, posted two articles and engaged with the community on a bunch of platforms. We hope to see you around the community!

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Friends of Akita

Being a part of Web Monetization is awesome for a lot of reasons, but the supportive and open people is a big reason we love it. Check out @thomasbnt's list of Web Monetization resources if you're interested in what the community is getting up to!

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well the word monetization itself mean money which come with certain agreement. I recomment people to check it, worth the try.

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