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Art Proctor — ILP Summit 2023 Micro Grantee Report


Kwe' Ni'n Teluisi, my name is Art Proctor. I am a Neurodiverse, Afro-Indigenous, Black Scotian Mik’maw. I'm based out of Treaty 7 in Alberta, Calgary. I am a Social Finance, Open Payment, Indigenomic advocate, Tech Steward, Entertainment Technologist, Artist, Activist, and Community Builder.

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As I geared up for this exciting experience, I was genuinely curious about what the Interledger Summit 2023 had in store for me. I was hoping to uncover the latest and greatest in the world of Interledger technology, and the Summit's lineup seemed like a promising avenue for exploration. The sessions, discussions, and overall programming appeared to be a treasure trove of information, offering a sneak peek into how advancements in cross-border payments, micropayments, and other ILP use cases are shaping up.

My main quest was to get a grip on the real-world applications of Interledger Protocol (ILP) and understand how it's making a difference in connecting different payment networks. I wanted to move beyond the technical jargon and really grasp how ILP is making waves in practical scenarios.

Engaging with industry experts, thought leaders, and fellow attendees was another crucial aspect of my expectations. The networking opportunities at the Summit felt like a golden ticket to not only share experiences but also to learn from the trailblazers in the payments industry. I aimed to be part of conversations that go beyond the surface – ones that broaden my perspective and contribute to my professional growth.

Moreover, I was intrigued by the regulatory side of things. As ILP adoption evolves, I wanted to understand the ins and outs of the regulatory landscape. Navigating this dynamic environment is no small feat, and gaining insights into the strategies organizations are using to tackle regulatory considerations and compliance requirements was high on my agenda.

In a nutshell, my journey into the Interledger Summit was all about unraveling the human side of technology. It was about understanding how these innovations are impacting people's lives, fostering connections that matter, and gaining insights that can drive positive change. I'm excited to bring back not just knowledge but a fresh perspective shaped by conversations and experiences that transcend the technical realm.

Key Highlights from the 2023 ILP Summit


Meeting and forming a bond with within my micro-grantee cohort of International group of like minded cultural understanding Indigenous and Disability individuals made me feel heard, seen and accepted. This included Tinthi Tembo, @nehaarora Neha Aroha, and @devcer Santosh Viswanatham, Henry Jake Foreman, Kalika Davis. HT @ericahargreave @chrislarry

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Other notable connections were: Koyaki Walker, @vineel Vineel Reddy,@robval Roberto Valdovinos, Shelley Anderson,@nyiaye Nyi Aye, Savannah Kollen, Malou Lintmeijer, Eunice De Asis, Raashi Saxena, Martijn Jeroen Van Der Linden, Malcolm Kastrio, Sarah Jones, Jennifer Fenwick, and Adelya Latifulina.

Special Shout to :Erica Hargreave for introducing me to interledger and for this unique and amazing the opportunity.

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I attended a variety of panel and roundtables, but a few that stood out for me were:

  • Financial Inclusion for Undocumented People
  • The Waterworks of Money
  • Engaging HBCU Students in Open Communities
  • How PIX is Revolutionizing Financial Inclusion in Brazil and What ILP Has to Do With It
  • Keynote Speaker | Maha Bahou, CEO of Jordan Payments and Clearing Company (JoPACC)
  • ILP Enabled ThitsaNet Inclusive Payment Network
  • Building Digital Financial Inclusion from Below
  • Keynote Speaker | Isabel Cruz Hernandez, CEO Mexican Association of Social Sector Credit Unions

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Aha Moments:

  • Financial Inclusion for Undocumented People
  • The Waterworks of Money
  • Cross Border Payments in the Instant Era – Regulations

Video / Audio Podcast

I engaged in conversations around our reflections on some of these sessions in the podcast that the micro grantees co-produced.

Key Takeaways from the 2023 ILP Summit

First and foremost, the deep dive into the latest Interledger Protocol (ILP) developments left me inspired. The sessions and discussions provided invaluable insights into the practical applications of ILP, especially in the realms of cross-border payments and micropayments. Witnessing the real-world implementations showcased during the Summit has significantly expanded my understanding of ILP's potential and its role in fostering interoperability among diverse payment networks.

The networking opportunities at the Summit were truly exceptional. Engaging with industry experts, thought leaders, and fellow attendees allowed me to exchange ideas, share experiences, and establish meaningful connections. These interactions not only broadened my perspective on the current challenges and future prospects of Interledger technology, but also provided valuable insights into the innovative strategies being employed across the payments ecosystem.

A standout aspect for me was gaining a more nuanced understanding of the regulatory landscape surrounding Interledger technology. The discussions on compliance requirements and the evolving regulatory frameworks were enlightening.

Learning about the strategies organizations are employing to navigate this dynamic environment has equipped me with valuable insights that will undoubtedly shape my approach to future projects.

In conclusion, my attendance at the Interledger Summit 2023 was an incredibly rewarding experience. I feel better equipped to contribute to the ongoing dialogue on Interledger technology, and I am excited to implement the knowledge and connections gained during the Summit into my professional endeavours. Thank you once again for organizing such a fantastic event. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to have been part of the Interledger Summit 2023.

Introducing What I Learned to My Respective Communities

Having immersed myself in the dynamic environment of the Interledger Summit 2023 and gaining valuable insights into the processes, strategies, and initiatives of both ILP and Open Payment Systems, I am eager to bring this newfound knowledge to my respective communities in a meaningful way.

My approach will involve a two-fold strategy. Firstly, within my professional network, I plan to initiate discussions and workshops that distill the complexities of ILP and Open Payment Systems into practical applications. By sharing real-world examples and case studies, I aim to demystify these concepts and showcase their relevance to professionals in my industry.

Secondly, within my broader community, I am committed to fostering awareness and understanding about the potential impact of ILP and Open Payment Systems on everyday life. This involves creating accessible content, such as blog posts and social media updates, that break down these technologies in a manner that resonates with a diverse audience. I believe in the power of storytelling to convey the transformative possibilities of these systems, and I plan to leverage this approach to engage and educate my community.

Furthermore, I will actively seek opportunities to collaborate with local organizations, educational institutions, and community groups. By organizing informational sessions and hands-on workshops, I hope to empower individuals who may not have direct exposure to these technologies, enabling them to harness the benefits in their personal and professional lives.

In essence, my goal is to bridge the gap between complex technological advancements and the communities I am a part of. By translating the knowledge gained at the Interledger Summit 2023 into practical, relatable insights, I aim to contribute to a broader understanding and adoption of these transformative systems within my professional and community spheres.

Next Steps

My next steps post-Summit involve translating the experience and learning into practical applications. I aim to share this newfound knowledge within my local technology and innovation community. This initiative has already taken centre stage at various prominent events:

It was spotlighted at Indigitech Destiny opening event of Innovation Week YYC (Calgary).

Shared at Prominent Platforms:

These engagements serve as crucial avenues for disseminating insights and fostering conversations about the advancements discussed at the Summit. The goal is to extend the impact beyond the Summit, creating a ripple effect within the local and broader communities.

After the Summit, I'm diving into local community partnerships to bring more opportunities for learning and mentorship. The focus? Boosting financial and digital literacy. I'm also weaving in discussions about social finance and open payment platforms, with a spotlight on ILP.

I am also very interested in bridging the divide of silos and working and exploring opportunities within the broader Interledger Foundation Ecosystem.

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Santosh Viswanatham

It was wonderful to meet you at the Summit, Art. Best wishes for your next steps.

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art proctor

Thanks Santosh you are a rockstar.

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art proctor

@ericahargreave @chrislarry thanks for invite