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Share us your Web Monetization projects!

Looking for new open source projects that can be posted on this repository.

GitHub logo thomasbnt / awesome-web-monetization

🕶️ Stuffs about Web Monetization. Packages, articles, documentation links and others tools.

Feel free to have a look, it already contains a lot of cool projects and a little documentation!

So if you are a developer (or not) of a project about Web Monetization, contribute to the list.

Here's to your PR and/or comments!

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Erica Hargreave

Hi Thomas,

Love that you are doing this. We've begun to build a library around such resources ourselves, and I suspect we have many projects listed that can be added to your repository.

You can find our libraries at:

We also have the beginnings of a Web Monetized Course that we are building here:

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Thomas Bnt

Hello Erica !
Don't hesitate to create new Pull requests ! 💪🏼

radhyr profile image

For now I'll bookmark this in case I'm ready to share my project on the list.

Thanks for sharing this Thomas!

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Thomas Bnt

Thanks to you! 👌🏼