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Discussion on: Join in The Grand MozFest Web Monetization Experiment

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Kyle Smith

Sorry, where in the Community Forem am I supposed to share an action plan? Just Create Post and do something open ended?
I won't be presenting at MozFest myself this year, though my presentation last year is Web Monetized .
I'll be presenting with the Accountability Case Labs working group in Mozilla's Trustworth AI community this year.
You might find this presentation I did at ETHDenver relevant .

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Erica Hargreave

Hi Kyle,

Thanks for this nudge. We have just created a template and a hashtag for sharing the action plans. You can find the template here: and the hashtag is #actionplan.

Appreciate you getting the ball rolling on this, and am eager to begin to share your Web Monetized resources at MozFest.

I also encourage you to begin to share your Web Monetized resources to the new Slack Channel I set up here for that purpose:

Thanks Kyle.