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Memex β€” Grant Report #5: April '21

About the Project

Memex.Social enables people to better collaborate in doing online research and get paid for curating quality content.
In one product you('ll) have:

  • Reddit's collaborative curation of web content
  • Google Doc's (collaborative) highlights on every website & PDF
  • Pocket's ease of saving and highlighting content


Project Update

We are short before releasing our MVP for

Co-curating and co-annotating collections.

People can share invite links to collections so that other people can contribute by adding pages, annotations and replies.
Screenshot 2021-04-02 at 11.03.59

Dashboard Refactor

Our work to make the collaboration features fit into the current UI, and make the dashboard ready for faster iterations in the future.
Screenshot 2021-04-02 at 10.46.37

Original Objectives

  1. Sharing Collections with pages and annotations: Launched
  2. Paying curators with the Web Monetisation standard: Launched
  3. Refactoring the Dashboard: About to launch
    • Was delayed bc we wanted to focus on the collaborative collections features first and launch them together.
  4. Annotating PDFs: Launched
  5. Research document outlining further integration potential with the Web Monetisation Standard
  6. Stretch Goal: Collaborative Collections: About to launch

Key Activities Last Month (March)

  • User Interviews
    • Wins: Could onboard 5 new 'True fans' really excited to test the new collab features. Together they have about 100k followers.
  • Improvements to our product prioritisation and speccing process
    • Adopted a variant of the Demand-Impact-Effort method to better prioritise
    • Improvements to how we spec technical vs feature requirements

Next Steps

Improvements for the sharing annotations UX.

Right now quite laborious. You need to add pages to a collection and then share the annotations for each page.
We want to introduce a bulk sharing mode on a collection level (it already exists on pages level) and a annotation status "protected", which allows users to mark very private annotations.
Screenshot 2021-04-02 at 11.33.02

Viewing and replying to annotations in the context of a page

With this, users can see the annotations of other people when browsing around, and reply to the threads there.

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Chris Lawrence

This is amazing stuff @blackforestboi I can't wait to hear more about the experience of the True Fans.