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Memex.Social - Grant Report #2 January 4th 2021

Done in December:

  • Increased Subscriptions from 550 to 600 paying 2-3€/month.
  • 80% Conversion Rate from free trial to subscriptions.
  • 1200 Beta testers, up from 800 in November!
  • Finalised mockups for user profile and integration with WebMonetization standard. I think the upload downscales the image slightly. Better opening it in a new tab with this link.
  • Did a goal setting workshop. Prime goal:
    • WorldBrain is profitable by July 2021, requiring us to cross 35k in MRR
    • User Research has shown these features to be critical (in order of execution)
      • Following Collections
      • In-page annotation based discussions
      • 3+ Device Sync
      • PDF Annotations
      • API
      • Nested Collections
      • Bulk Edit
  • Finished, but not launched yet: Notifications for received replies and updates to followed collections

In Progress

  • Following other people's collections

Up next:

  • Finishing features to deliver base grant requirements (leaving still 1-2 months left on the timeline πŸŽ‰):
    • follow other people's collections
    • User profiles including WebMonetization integration
    • view and respond to annotations from followed collections in web sidebar
  • Preparing beta rollout of above features to key influencers in our network and beta community
  • Raising another 200k to support our development team so we can improve speed to build features necessary for profitability.

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