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Björn Ritzl
Björn Ritzl

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Winners of the Web Monetization Challenge 2020

We recently hosted a game jam as part of the grant we received from Grant for the Web. The game jam was hosted on and ran the entire month of November. The goal of the game jam was to create a game which uses Web Monetization in interesting ways and incorporates the theme "Secrets" into the game design. You can read more about the game jam here:

The judges concluded their work playing and rating all of the submissions this weekend and the top 10 positions were announced today:

  1. Moonshot: The Great Espionage - (
  2. Relic Splatter - (
  3. Panic at the museum - (
  4. Twilight Secrets - (
  5. S.M.S. [Secret Moon Station]] - (
  6. Earth's Secrets - (
  7. Secrets of the Isle - (
  8. The Secrets We Burn — Act 1 - (
  9. Secrets of Atlantis - (
  10. Island Treasure - (

It was extremely close between first and second place and there was a lot of competition among the games placed third to fifth. Congratulations to all of the winners and thanks to everyone who participated!

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This is amazing Bjorn! I didn't know about this at all... but I love that it happened and I'd definitely be interested in participating in any challenges in the future! I'm following you here now so hopefully you'll let us know.

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Andrzej Mazur

I really enjoyed being a judge and playing all the games, thanks Björn for having me! I'm going to publish my fav top5 entries soon.