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Juan Caballero
Juan Caballero

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We are prototyping a lightweight e-publication system that cryptographically binds each secure publication to its provenance and payment information. An electronic book, a magazine, or a comic can be published in a secure digital form (essentially, a "fancy PDF") containing information about its authorship and authenticity, and optionally also information about revenue-shares or other royalty or non-profit commitments. The “self-sovereign” identifiers used to literally and figuratively “sign” the works can be public or private or somewhere in between, at the discretion of the parties involved. These options include various kinds of notarization, indexing, and discovery methods for different kinds of publications (including Rebase networks and traditional DOI databases). The resulting publications can be sold conventionally or “previewed” using a WMS plug-in, offering a third option between paywalls and completely free access.

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Janos Farkas

Hi Juan,

Congratulations on your initiative!

I think our inspirations have many common grounds. See my views at

You can find an overview of our system at The CLink system is interoperable with most public identifiers/registries (e.g DOI).
Our recent announcement on provenance can be seen at