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Community Call Explained!

In case you missed the community call on May 8th, here is the recap:

Interledger Summit Call for speakers closes on May 28th!

For more details and to submit your proposal go here.

Grant Information:

  • ILP Digital Financial Services Grant: The deadline to apply is August 30, 2024. Read the application guidelines before applying.

  • NextGen Higher Education Grant - Opening May 30th, 2024!

  • Ambassador Program Grant - Opening June 4th, 2024!

Fynbos updates:

On the call, @adrianhopebailie explains their progress in connecting multiple wallets, stating that they have "deployed the production API keys to enable an EU experience with the help from GateHub!"

He then goes into more detail about the collaborators they are working with to create a connection between users in the US and the EU. He also explains the specifics of working with GateHub to create a Fynbos branded wallet using the GateHub infrastructure. Lastly, Adrian dives into the Fynbos project timeline and the challenges they've faced, such as obtaining licensing and addressing regulations.

Listen to the details here.

Breakpoint Update:

Benny, from Breakpoint Team, gave updates on the Work Week in Cluj, which covered:

A documentation review, TestNet roadmap, Telemetry decisions, an implementation proposal, onboarding on Rafiki Money, Interledger Pay, Rafiki Admin UI, and a deep liquidity discussion.

Listen to the Breakpoint Workshop updates.

Next, we had the latest on GateHub:

If you don’t know GateHub, it was one of the first wallets to integrate with the Interledger Protocol! Enej, from Gate Hub, highlights that their 10-year anniversary is coming up and that their work on wallets and issuing gateways on the XRP Ledger has gone well so far. GateHub supports 19 currencies, serving 1.6 million wallets and 1.4 million users.

Enej announced that they successfully launched open payments for the general public. This means anyone with a GateHub account can utilize the open payments and test out the payment pointers. Listen to more here. You can also watch a short walk through of the GateHub platform here.

We ended the call with Web Monetization updates from Tseli:

@tseli wrote, we are committed to building a solid extension that offers sound user experience and utility.

In order of priority, we look forward to an alpha release that includes:

  • Making one-time payments
  • Handling web-monetized iframes
  • Enabling or disabling continuous payments
  • Displaying the remaining authorized wallet balance
  • Formatting the displayed amount when the asset scale is high

You can watch the details explained here or read her post.

Thanks for reading!! Don't miss the next community call June 12th, 2024 :D

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