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Discussion on: Freesound Licensing — Grant Report #1

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Chris Lawrence

Great stuff! You are hitting on some of the current limitations of the technology and whereas a community we need to continue pushing. I think your investigation at the ILP layer is the right call. I read the discussion you began, it is a bit buried. I would suggest starting a new post with some of these questions and possible hacks. Many people are running into these design challenges and I believe it will spark a larger conversation.

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Sultan Eylem Atabay Author

Hi Chris, thank you for your comment and suggestion! We've been working on the challenge arisen from our case and let's see how we will handle it. Luckily the answer from Erica helped a lot (directed us to cases that hit similar limitations) but writing another post on this specific problem is a really great idea too because the community power and discussion can really help a lot to solve it.