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Chris Lawrence
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List of Red Flags for funders in grant proposals

Hi all! I found this to be a great list of things we/funders see as Red Flags in a grant proposal. Since we have multiple grant opportunities open I thought I would share this here.

Happy to answer questions, discuss further on this thread.

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Chris Lawrence • Edited

I will share my biggest Red Flag from this list. To often I see budgets and narratives that don't align. These two documents must make sense together and strong/winning proposals always have clear connections between the budget and narrative.

#2 — The numbers don’t add up

To avoid this pitfall, make sure your proposal’s financial statements and budgets (literally) add up to the correct amounts. Double and triple check your math to be safe.

You’ll also need to ensure that the line items in your budget match the activities outlined in your broader grant proposal. _For example, if you’re requesting funding to host an event at a local park, make sure you include every single expense from staffing and catering to rental and promotional costs. _

Pro Tip: Many reviewers will read the budget first as a way to undesrtand (or not understand) the narrative better.