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Weekly Round-Up Post! (April 16th, 2021)

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We just wanted to take a moment of appreciation for all of you in this community. We are energized by your participation, work wins/struggles, and your sharing. This is still the early stages of a journey together but since January the growth of the ecosystem has been visible and visceral. Collectively we are treading the desire paths that may emerge as a whole new way to operate. Thank you for being here. Here are this week's posts that caught our eye.

Interledger Foundation is live

OK, you will excuse us a little self-promotion...

Privacy, open-source, and microdonations

Ushahidi - announced the pilot beginning Monday, April 19th, and runs until May 14th. As a community let's support this pilot with our Web Monetized accounts.

Nonprofits and Web Monetization

Becks Boone from the Rootable project starts their series overviewing nonprofit funding models as an entry into how Web Monetization can fit in. Nonprofit fundraising is an emerging theme we are seeing. If you are interested in this "birds of a feather" interest group, comment on this post. Thinking of ways to get this conversation more linked. Beck's second post is here

Web Monetization and local news hubs

Alex @newsatomic updates on their project and shares some wins and some barriers they are running into around how WM currently works and onboarding subscribers. Interesting conversation brewing in the comment section to the post.

The Web Monetization fist-bump

New community member Richard Reisman shares his deep dive blog post about how Web Monetization might aid what he calls the relationship economy. We love the library of insight our work is starting to produce. Richard wrote this after conversations and learnings from the community like Amber Case, Matt Mankins,Dees and others.

Erase All Kittens launches

Dee Saigal from E.A.K. shares that they are now Coil enabled. Read more here and then go play!

Help build the library!

Erica wants to collect resources. Please help her. We are thinking/working on this as well and community help like this is essential. If you have ideas on what we can do more/better/new, please tell us!

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Thanks Chris! It's honestly so hard to keep track of everything going on in this space... so these roundups are super, super helpful!