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Erica Hargreave
Erica Hargreave

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Library of Web Monetization Resources

Happy Monday Everyone!

Something that I've been wanting for awhile now is a library of resources on web monetization with a searchable library on everything from tools, platforms, guides to web monetizing, and case studies. Was reminded of this this morning as I read Amber Case's latest post on How to Web Monetize your Content and Support Creators Online with Micropayments

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It strikes me that such a library fits well with our goals on StoryToGo of educating, resource sharing, and community building, so I am going to start one there.

I could use your help in getting started on that. If you could share any:

  • web monetized tools,
  • web monetized platforms,
  • guides to web monetizing,
  • case studies inclusive of web monetization,
  • research papers on web monetization, and
  • anything else related to web monetization that you think should be included.

Thanks so much!

Also, if you have a vision or ideas of what you would like to see from such a resource library, please share your ideas and I will try to incorporate them.

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Richard Reisman

Might want to include my post at, and the fuller version at (which links to a resource guide:

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Hi Erica!

I think a big help might be a previous post that Amber put out:

There are so many links in here and it's such a good explanation of so much that is happening in this space.

Hope this helps!

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Erica Hargreave

Thanks Adam. That post is a good starting point.