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Unifying the Interledger Foundation Community

You may have noticed some slight branding changes to this space. We have renamed this space from "Web Monetization" to "Interledger Foundation." In the last few days we have:

  • Changed the url from to (redirects are in place!)

  • Changed the name to the Interledger Foundation Community

  • Updated the logo and other branding

We did this because as we have grown from the Grant for the Web program into the Interledger Foundation, we have increased our mission and scope to include all the functions the Interledger Protocol can unlock to create opportunities for more people to participate in then global economy. This still includes content creators, Web Monetization and all the work we house in this space, but now it will encompass all the work we do at ILF.

The reality is that, other then some minor branding changes, you won't see much change on what happens in this community forum. It will still be the place to read/submit grant reports, learn about activities at ILF, and most importantly connect with others in the community working on similar projects and trying to design solutions toward financial inclusion for more people.

Here are the other ways to connect with the Interledger Foundation Community

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